What are Google Trends and its Benefit?


What is Google Trends and How to Benefit It for Blogging

Do you know what Google Trends is? If we do not know what our work comes out. So today I am giving information about how Google Trends is very beneficial for blogging. When we write a post for our blog, we do keyword research before that. Keyword researches are searched by keywords that are more searched by people. And try to give people the same information as they want.

Google Trends helps us learn similar keywords. Next, we will learn how Google Trends works. We all know what SEO is and how much it is necessary for blogging. Keyword research is the most important part of SEO.

Most bloggers want to find a free keyword research tool that helps them to choose good keywords. And succeed in ranking every post in the search engine. Every trending friend knows what happens to Google Trends and how it works.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is an online system which provides the detail information of the changes or updations happens over time to the corresponding category in a graphical way. So it can easily understand to the common people. These systems or tools also tell us the number of times the keywords have search by which people. This helps us to know whether we will benefit from using that keyword. In this way, this is a very unique tool that tells about the changes that happen over time.

What does Trends mean?

Yes you understood right! When people like something more then at that time that thing is called trending. And it varies with time.

You must have heard of this idiom.

“Change is the rule of nature”

Some keywords are such that its importance decreases over time, and the traffic also becomes evenly negligible. So using Google Trends,  keywords comparison is done in a better way where we can understand the keyword performance over time with search related to country or location base. Along with this, it is also clear which traffic will remain in the post using which keyword. Writing a post does not mean that it is written and then left forever. We should keep updating it over time and at that time whatever keyword trend should be attempted to implement it if it is relevant.

Google Trends records every hour’s search. And how much the keyword search has decreased and how much is increased. When you look at Google Trends, it will show you the performance of any keyword in the time-period as per your wish.

Establishment Of Google Trends

As the name suggests, Google Trends is a service launched by Google platform. First of all, it started Google in the name of Google Insights for Search on 5 August 2008. December 27, 2012, Google has updated its name to Google Trends from Google Insights. Google Trends gives detail information about what people like or what people are searching. It provides the detail in a graphical way with category or niche and its search intended with expected traffic. Which provider the user where to target and on which keyword, category, and demographics. Due to google trends advertiser, e-commerce or online service provider have a great overview of his category. On the bases of the Google trend data, they can take a firm decision.

How Google Trends Works

SEO (search engine optimization) has become important for online business and major of its tool are paid and have a recurring cost. Few of the tools are free while more are paid. If you spend some time researching keywords in those tools, then you will be able to find out how Google Trends works.

First of all, you understand that the keywords that you remove in the paid tools or you find the competitor keyword also show all the data based on trend, search volume, and competition.

Google Trends will provide complete keyword information from 2004 to just one hour ago. It shows all the information through a graph. You put your target keyword in the search query box in it. Select any country you want to check on keyword trends. In this, you have to take a Time-Period to see how long you want to see the trends in the form of the graph.

Next, you select the category of keywords. After that, the online search includes many types of search like website, image, video, news, maps, shopping, services, select the type of the platforms which suit your category or you want to target on it. This will show you the fluctuation in the graph in that specific time-period as a result. With this, it will also show related topics and related queries.

Google Trends additionally give another feature so you are able to compare between 2 or more keywords and show it in the graph simultaneously. All the keywords will have different lines. And the color of the line of each keyword is different. So in this way you can know the full history of any keyword.


In the graph, it explains the popularity of a keyword between 0 to 100 in numbers. If 0, that means that the popularity of that keyword is a lot of work. In the popularity of 50’s, she comes in the middle and 100 means that her most popular is that she has her popularity in the peak.

Benefits of Google Trends Tool

These tools greatly benefit every blogger and website owner.

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