BLOGGING: What are the benefits of Blog?


What are the benefits of blogging?

Have you ever heard about blogging or blogging meaning? If you have never heard about blogging, then you should read this article in a good way, because today you will be giving complete information about people’s blogging and the benefits of blogging. After reading this article, whatever questions you may have in your mind, you will probably find the answers to all the questions. There is very little information about blogging since no one has provided complete information about it.

Why blogging and what is blogging meaning?

Today many people who are 9 to 6 jobs are not happy with their job because they are not able to work according to their wishes but are doing something that their company is telling them to do. There is no one to praise him for his good work. Because all things take credit then Manager takes it. In such a way the desire to work ends just like that. It is also very difficult to create a balance in your professional life and personal life. You can not do any work with your mind. In such a job, you do not get a chance to learn something new, which also reduces your ability to think slowly.

If I tell you that you can do all this work and you also get the money to do this with you then you probably will not even believe me. But this is absolutely true. Before coming to blogging or meaning of blogging you should know a lot about this because I have seen many bloggers who started the blog but can not continue any further because they lack patience. Therefore it is only wise to get complete information about any new thing before it starts. So today I thought that you should tell people about the fate of blogging so that you also have full knowledge about it. Then let’s start without delay and know about the fate of blogging.

All you have heard about blogging and what blogging means, but perhaps you have not heard so well about its fate. So let us know now what are the benefits of blogging.

1. With this you can learn new things

Blogging means the sharing of all the things that you think people should know and learn in this world. These are all about learning about things and sharing that which you know about and some new about which you have learned about while reading about it. When you create a new blog, you will automatically find out how you are learning new things, about all the things about which you knew very little. If you want to clean cloth on the tip of the illustration, then you clean your own hands in the dizziness to clean it.

2. With this, you can think more clearly

Thinking about anything and thinking about new ideas is also a very important skill in somebody’s life. And you are not taught about these things in schools. That’s why blogging fills your void and emptiness and increases the likelihood of your thinking.

With this, you think more deeply about the things around you, such as your relations, society, etc. With this, you also get the chance to discuss with others about any topic. This allows you to know about your Strength and Weakness so that you can improve it.

3. With this, you can better write

He says that if you keep doing any work continuously then you can master that thing. Similarly, if you are blogging then continue writing about different things, you get the expertise in writing. This automatically increases the efficiency of your writing.

4. This increases your Confidence Level

I have seen many such bloggers who were not so much confident before but their Confidence level has increased over time. This is a very good thing for them. With the help of Blogging, you give voice to your opinions. Even though you are wrong, you give in all your subjects. It does not frighten you from making mistakes, but think that with its help you have taught something new and corrected your mistake. You must also give many such good and bad comments on your blog. Where you do not get much better than good comments, you do not lose control even by bad comments, such quality does a lot of things in itself.

5. This increases the efficiency of your expressing

Anything about if we read, write and think again and again. So obviously we have more knowledge about that thing. Just like this, if we read some of the topics of our blog and share ideas, it is obvious that we will have good information in that topic and we can be comfortable and discuss it with anyone. And this also increases our Confidence level and we can share our ideas about it in a large audience too.

6. With this, you can earn money

Yes, friends, it is absolutely true that you can earn a great amount of money by blogging, but for that you have to work very hard. There are many blogs that earn millions of rupees per month. Therefore, what is the most important thing is that you have to keep patience and do your work with complete dedication. And the result of this will definitely get you one.

7. You can work a lot for others

If you want to help someone with a heart, then God also helps you. Yes, friends, if you earn well, this is your responsibility from your blog, that you also help people who are in dire need of help. Because these upstairs also help you do this.
I have seen many bloggers who help other needy people from their share of income, and in return, God also helps them.

8. You do not need any Prior Knowledge to Blog

As if there is something else in the work that you should already have an understanding of that thing, but there is no such thing in blogging. Nobody can teach it with great comfort. And the most fun thing is that in just 15 minutes you can prepare your own blog. No Coding or Technical Knowledge is required for this.

9. It challenges you daily

Who does not like Challenges. We also face constant challenges in our lives. Only after experiencing the challenges, we can recognize our rightfulness. Because it is easiest to live in your Comfort Zone but you can never grow in it. You can heighten yourself by learning about new challenges by experiencing challenges. Just like that, blogging gives you daily challenges that you can make yourself more competent.

10. It is absolutely free (or affordable)

Nowadays anybody can start a blog. The platform provided by Google is free, which is also called Blogger. You can start your own blog by purchasing your own Domain and Hosting and also at affordable rates.

11. Help build audiences

It has often been found that people are more attracted to where they get to learn and understand something or say where they get some value. When you start a blog, you start giving value to it. And gradually people go to your blog to learn something new. This increases the capacity of your Audience gradually.

12. You Can Help Others

If you want to help someone else in your life, then you should start the blog. If you want to improve the lives of others, then you should start the blog. Want to inspire someone else, then you should start the blog. If you have any knowledge to reach millions of people free then you should start blogging.

13. Others are affected by it

I am going to tell you such a true story that you might also get impressed by listening. Two girls whose age is 9 years and 12 years Both made a blog about the status of their school. How they have to undergo poor learning conditions. Whom people very much appreciated. Seeing them, they raised around 1.5 million. Impressed with this blog, their school teachers brought the right changes to their school. And he had cut the money in the memory of the school of any of the villages. This gives you an idea about the true power of blogging.

14. This makes you disciplined

Blogging requires you to be disciplined because people want good articles continuously. If it does not happen then they will stop coming to your blogs. That’s why blogging can make you a hard working man lazy.

15. This increases your credibility

The trust of people increases with your blogging, which increases your credibility too. You are always doing research, it also increases the understanding of your problems, which can help you better the people, which also affects your credibility.

16. This makes your observation sharpens

Blogging constantly challenges you, so that you have to look for something different from others. Where something else is said normal, you change the view of looking at the smallest detail of that thing. It is said that people can never think about what things are. You display those things with a second glance with the help of your observation. All of these things happen only when you are continuously blogging.

17. It Boosts Your Business

It has been revealed from a survey that 97% of the consumers prefer to go online before buying any stuff. So even if you have a store of your own, you should still promote it online. With this, people can come to buy stuff here in your business online.
With this, we have got to learn that we can influence our customers through our blogs and this gives us more benefit from our competitors.

18. It creates your Creativity Boost

As you continue blogging, your creativity will continue to boost as well. You will become more resourceful and more creative. You can think better and better. Can make this world even better Bloggers learn something new every day, so their creativity is day-to-day and shining.

19. You can make better decisions in life

Every day, many such incidents happen in our lives where we do not understand which decisions are appropriate for us. With such a wrong decision, we can also get a loss. If you are blogging then your understanding will be more than that. You have to work in priority based. By which you can make the right decisions not only in your work but also in life.

20. You will be happy

He says no money cannot be bought with money. With the help of Blogging, you help others, which gives you a different comfort. This also increases your knowledge. By which you come positivity. It is an emotion which is not easy to talk in words. This gives you the excitement that you can never pay.

21. You are more free

Blogging lets you work from anywhere and anywhere, there is no time restriction for you. The best thing you are doing is your favorite work. Which gives you a different kind of freedom. By which you can give your time to your family and your hobbies. With this, you can set the whole world if you want them.

22. Getting a lot of new education

When I first started blogging, I did not have much knowledge about domain names, servers hosting, SEO, social media marketing, backlink building, Search engine optimization, the design of blog. But while doing blogging, I gradually learned all these skills which I got a lot of later. In the same way, I have learned more from Blogging which I can use in my life.

23. With this, you become a Content Creator

It is believed that only 1% of people are those who make new content on the Internet. 99% of the rest of the people only consume these contents. And as our civilization is moving forward, we need more such things as well. That’s why I request you to be a content creator and not content Consumer This feature is available to you by blogging and helping others, you can create a different identity of yourself.

24. With this, you can create a better network

I have made friends with many people who are considered to be gurus or coaches. Everything is blogging. I have taught so many people with such a lot and I have taught many people too. Many people consider me to be my ideal and follow my blog regularly. From this, I have created a very good network where we interact with each other and with mutual understanding, we help each other.

25. This will make you immortal even after your death

As we know that all living things have one or two deaths each day. Similar is ours too. But says that writing survives after many years of someone’s death. But if you write well and publish it in front of the world then it will live for so many years. And in this way only with the help of Blogging, we can do this work and make our work immortal even after our death.

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